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I hate it when...

... my favourite pair of boots that I wear when it's cold, wet or both springs a sudden unrepairable leak in the sole, right under the ball of my foot. For no apparent reason other than 'wear', when there's still a good quarter inch or so of sole left. It's a half-inch slit...


I wonder if Barratts still do kiddies' black leather boots in 4 1/2 for around the £25 mark? If they don't (and up until Christmas), my only other options are:

> Not hugely comfy but completely waterproof up to my shin - motorcycle boots.

> Somewhat ungainly, soft leather, not very warm without a thickish pair of socks and not quite as high as my old ones - steel toe-cap & midsole workboots.

> Not waterproof and not very warm, not boots - trainers.

> Not waterproof in heavy rain, not boots - work shoes.

> Not waterproof in heavy rain - walking boots.


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Ugh I feel for you

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I'm wearing the walkers for now, when it's cold or wet. Thankfully I've neither had to be out much more than going to work for which I have work shoes nor has it been too cold so I can wear trainers. it's also not thrown it down while I've been out :)

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My winter work shoes are great; lovely and comfy and water resistant and warm, but not boots! My summer ones are uncomfortable to walk long distances in.

Thank you for the luck!

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I've seen plenty of muckers :)

I really like sandals, but they have to have at least two straps across the front and one at the back, be cushion-soled and I can't wear them without socks :D

While I doubt I could talk for as long as you about shoes (not that I really get the chance either), I am rather particular!

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I always used to wander around outside in socks (and get told off by Mum for making them dirty) because it was more comfy than bare feet or shoes :)

Maybe we should start a sock-love group?! ;P

Woohoo, new friends! Shall go find you and make you pretty-coloured on my Friends' List :D

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Just don't use my Hotmail address: it's dead becasue it only gets used for Messenger.