Ky - The Special Snowflake Of Hell (venom69) wrote in shoe_hate,
Ky - The Special Snowflake Of Hell

My Post Comes With A Pic

I know several people that spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes.

Indeed, I myself once spent $70 on a pair of heels that are too painful to walk in. And $70 on a pair of 'FMB's that are equally painful to walk in.

People, I would like to introduce you to my Little black shoes of uber kewlness These shoes have been in 4 different countries with me. I wear them every day, for every occasion. Wearing pants/trousers? No problem. A skirt? Can do. A dress and black stockings? How cute!

I would marry these shoes and have their offspring if it weren't so creepy and illegal.

About 4 months ago, I noticed the fabric on the side starting to look a little ragtag so I went on a hunt for more (I have posted about that before). Needless to say, I was unsuccessful.

So today, I superglued them.

That's right folks. You can spend as much money on shoes as you like, I will superglue my $15 on-sale black shoes of uber kewlness until they are nothing but a bow on the top of my foot and I have to cry at their funeral.
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