Dawn Hazle, Herald of Darkness (keletkezes) wrote in shoe_hate,
Dawn Hazle, Herald of Darkness

Closing Down!

My turn to buck the trend for this community, sort of!

Shore's of Nottingham is closing down due to retirement. It's one of these 'oldie' shoe places which does nice wide-fitting shoes. Now, I needed some winter shoes for work and was going to go to West Bridgford where my cousin owns a shoe shop (he used to be manager of Clarks in Stansted Airport) in October to get some decent ones, but at £15 a pair, this was too good to be true. I ended up with £49.99 worth of soft-lined warm real leather lace-ups; they're not the most stylish shoes in the world, but they'll be nice for walking or cycling to work in the wet and cold. And they've got massive treads for those horrid icy days.

They actually finally close next Saturday, but the premises has been bought by a large family business working with the same sort of shoes. So, if you want a pair of really nice shoes for £15, go have a looksie.

This was brought on by the fact that the cheap summer pair I got back in June really hurt if I walk in them for more than 15mins and are crap for cycling in, and the suede boots I have aren't suitable for winter. My last pair of decent winter boots went about 3 years ago (they had been worn all winter for about 3 years).
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