Melanie (million_moments) wrote in shoe_hate,

Foot first aid!

Ok people, our first topic will be: Foot first aid!

What are your top tips for dealing with shoe related injuries?
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Not wearing any? :)
Hee. I work in a lab, with lots of dangerous chemicals I can't touch without gloves on. So I hardly think they'll let me walk around barefoot...
Well, there is that... ;)
A nice bowl of warm water to soak them in with something nice in it. I use my sons moisturising oil (it was for his excema)
Your feet I meant not the shoes :)
I agree with ccgig: a water-soak works well. Plasters on the affected area and thick(ish) socks work well too. Not walking anywhere if possible (a bike is a godsend, but so's a well-paid job).