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today... [08 Apr 2008|07:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

... I bought some shoes... the best you can get in New Zealand that you don't need a second mortgage to buy and that actually feel comfortable on.

I only tried on about 15 pairs of shoes before they finally found a pair that I not only liked that didn't make my feet scream or slide out of the heel.

Soooooooooooo... if these are like the ones I got there last time, they should last about 8 years like the last ones did *bg*

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I hate it when... [19 Nov 2007|03:28pm]

[ mood | rather upset ]

... my favourite pair of boots that I wear when it's cold, wet or both springs a sudden unrepairable leak in the sole, right under the ball of my foot. For no apparent reason other than 'wear', when there's still a good quarter inch or so of sole left. It's a half-inch slit...


I wonder if Barratts still do kiddies' black leather boots in 4 1/2 for around the £25 mark? If they don't (and up until Christmas), my only other options are:

> Not hugely comfy but completely waterproof up to my shin - motorcycle boots.

> Somewhat ungainly, soft leather, not very warm without a thickish pair of socks and not quite as high as my old ones - steel toe-cap & midsole workboots.

> Not waterproof and not very warm, not boots - trainers.

> Not waterproof in heavy rain, not boots - work shoes.

> Not waterproof in heavy rain - walking boots.



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[15 Oct 2007|02:17pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

My shoes have started to squeak! My only pair of shoes that look nice - blinking well SQUEAK!!!

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[05 Jun 2007|08:31pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Today my shoes completly ruined my day. My feet were bleeding before I'd even walked a mile in them but I couldn't take them off til I got to Wollaton Park because the streets were so dirty and horrid.


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shoes! [02 Jun 2007|07:04pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I just have to say this... I'm not sure if it is my foot or my shoe, but I tell you, I'm in agony everytime I put my shoes on, after about 30 mins of hobbling my heel comes right - so how come it only started two weeks ago, on shoes I've owned for 8 years. *rolls eyes*


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Barefoot Hiking Stories or Comments? [27 Feb 2007|11:45am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello? Hello?

Well, I'm not sure there's anyone still hanging 'round out here, but if there is...

I'm currently working on an article for newWitch Magazine about barefoot hiking. Yes, I've done it, but I can't be the only person in this community (other than my lovely hiking partner, who did some as well) to have done it.

So does anyone out there have any comments about barefoot hiking? Suggestions? Hints or observations to add to my article? Sure, I can write from personal experience and refer folks to the book The Barefoot Hiker (now out of print, but available in PDF), but I'd like to include other experiences in the article as well.

And on that subject: Does anyone know if Isis and Jackrabbit - aka, the Barefoot Sisters - have Live Journals or web pages? I've looked for them, but haven't had much luck so far.


Stay warm, folks!

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My Post Comes With A Pic [14 Feb 2007|04:17pm]

I know several people that spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes.

Indeed, I myself once spent $70 on a pair of heels that are too painful to walk in. And $70 on a pair of 'FMB's that are equally painful to walk in.

People, I would like to introduce you to my Little black shoes of uber kewlness These shoes have been in 4 different countries with me. I wear them every day, for every occasion. Wearing pants/trousers? No problem. A skirt? Can do. A dress and black stockings? How cute!

I would marry these shoes and have their offspring if it weren't so creepy and illegal.

About 4 months ago, I noticed the fabric on the side starting to look a little ragtag so I went on a hunt for more (I have posted about that before). Needless to say, I was unsuccessful.

So today, I superglued them.

That's right folks. You can spend as much money on shoes as you like, I will superglue my $15 on-sale black shoes of uber kewlness until they are nothing but a bow on the top of my foot and I have to cry at their funeral.
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Grr [05 Oct 2006|10:27am]

[ mood | sore ]

I hate shoes even more than normal at the moment because I broke my little toe.

Ironically I wouldn't have broken my toe if I had been wearing shoes :p

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My uber comfy black shoes of kewlness [05 Oct 2006|01:25pm]

[ mood | determined ]

For the record, I own about 20 pairs of shoes.

I wear 3 pairs. I get blisters or backpain from all the rest so I don't usually bother. (But I keep them around JIC, y'know.)

Anyways, about 6 months ago I found a pair of flat black shoes with a small silver band around the top and a silver bow on them. They're perfect. PERFECT! SO comfy, trendy, stylish and i've yet to find anything in my wardrobe that I can't wear them with. (With the exception of my long trousers - which are, admittedly, only long because I'm short.)

Moving on.

My uber comfy black shoes of kewlness are starting to wear a bit thin. In all fairness, they only cost me $30AUD and I do wear them everyday. Had to happen sooner or later.

So... I went back to the store to buy another pair. I'm leaving the country in three weeks (ZOMG!) and I figured it was time for some new uber comfy black shoes of kewlness.

I go in, I look, I no see.


I find sales girl (Shorter than me, I should have rolled her or beat her up) I explain about my uber comfy black shoes of kewlness and my desperation in finding another pair... and she patiently explains that they are now selling summer shoes and My uber comfy black shoes of kewlness are no longer in stock.

At all.

Now, it's all about open-toed shoes, heels and toe cleavage.

Yes, you read that right, toe cleavage.


I don't show my boob cleavage (Mostly cause I don't really have any!), why would I want to show toe cleavage?

Now, I am on the hunt for My uber comfy black shoes of kewlness. I know they are out there and I will find them, damnit.

*glares at shoes*

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summer shoes [22 Sep 2006|07:35am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I need new summer sandals this year and do you think I can find some that support the foot? No *grumps* they are all the open backed or strappy things that you can't walk in any distance.

I have rheumatoid arthritis, I need sensible sandals that support the feet, keep them cool and basically can be walked in. Not these scuffs that you slurp along the ground in.

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Closing Down! [21 Sep 2006|11:24am]

[ mood | content ]

My turn to buck the trend for this community, sort of!

Shore's of Nottingham is closing down due to retirement. It's one of these 'oldie' shoe places which does nice wide-fitting shoes. Now, I needed some winter shoes for work and was going to go to West Bridgford where my cousin owns a shoe shop (he used to be manager of Clarks in Stansted Airport) in October to get some decent ones, but at £15 a pair, this was too good to be true. I ended up with £49.99 worth of soft-lined warm real leather lace-ups; they're not the most stylish shoes in the world, but they'll be nice for walking or cycling to work in the wet and cold. And they've got massive treads for those horrid icy days.

They actually finally close next Saturday, but the premises has been bought by a large family business working with the same sort of shoes. So, if you want a pair of really nice shoes for £15, go have a looksie.

This was brought on by the fact that the cheap summer pair I got back in June really hurt if I walk in them for more than 15mins and are crap for cycling in, and the suede boots I have aren't suitable for winter. My last pair of decent winter boots went about 3 years ago (they had been worn all winter for about 3 years).

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Foot first aid! [14 Aug 2006|09:17am]

Ok people, our first topic will be: Foot first aid!

What are your top tips for dealing with shoe related injuries?
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[ mood | *snarls* ]

Of all the... I shouldn't still let this get to me, but like an idiot I still do.

So I'm off work today, enjoying a reprieve from socially-mandated footwear. I drop by my landlord's office barefoot to pick up a check and get info about the new recycling bins we needed for our building. The secretary gives me the address and info I need to grab the bins. No one says a word about my lack of footwear, which is as things should be. This, however, is not to last...

I head off to the recycling center. Get there. Go in. Pick up the bins. No problem. The receptionist and I chat for a few minutes about the particulars of pickup time. She goes to get a schedule. During this five-minute period, a creaky middle-aged dude(*) sits chatting about nothing with his buddies. Well, when I step from behind the counter to get the pickup schedule, one of the dudes nods at me. Dude stops talking, looks at the floor by my feet.

"OOOOOOOOH no," he says, rising from his chair.

I know what's coming now and it pisses me off.

"Excuse me, sir," he says, standing all Mr. Authority-like. "But you can't be in here without shoes -"

"I'm on my way out -" I begin...

"- but this is a public place," he goes on, "like a store or a restaurant, and it's against the law for you to be -"

That does it. My temper goes from 0 to 60 in no time.

My hands cut through the air in a cutoff gesture. "No," I declare, my voice shifting into fight mode. "No, you just stepped on -" my words stop momentarily as the irony of that term sinks in - "- a HUGE raw nerve!" I now have everyone's attention. "It is NOT illegal in any way, shape or form to be barefoot in public -"

"Yes it is," he insists, which just pisses me off more.

"It is not," I go on, "in any way a violation of any law, code, health department code or any other thing for me to be in here without shoes. That's a common misconception, but I've checked into it and it's 100% wrong."

He starts to argue further. "This is my office -"

"Yes, it is," I placate. "And if you don't want me in here barefoot that's totally your right to say so. And as I said, I'm out of here anyway, so it really doesn't matter..."

"You're going to have to go out and come back in with shoes on..."

"I am LEAVING now. So it really doesn't matter. But it is NOT illegal or a violation of health codes -"

"Okay," he says. "How's this: we have little bits of broken glass all in this carpet here and if you step on them -"

"- that's my problem. But yes, that makes perfect sense. That's all that matters."

The receptionist and other dudes are looking at us like we're both crazy, stupid or both at once.

I add "Now, I've walked the Appalachian Trail barefoot, so I'm not worried..."

("Wow," says the receptionist. Kinda felt good about that.)

"...about anything in here, but your reasoning makes perfect sense..."

I'm giving the dude an out. But he's gotta get the last word in. With a condescending tone, he glares at me and proclaims "Well, if you check into that, I think you'll find that you're very much mistaken about that law."

My temper flares again. "Sir -" I take on the same tone he just used with me - "if you check into it, I KNOW you'll find that you're very much mistaken about that law!"

So saying, I take up the bins and head toward the door.

"Well,: he adds, "just call it Stan's Law, then." How melodramatic can you get?

We all issue brittle "Have a nice days" to one another and I go downstairs with my bins, seething.

Yeah, I should be used to it by now.

But why the FUCK do people have to get so weirdly self-righteous about such a tiny, stupid thing? And why do two otherwise intelligent grown men suddenly turn into schoolkids over such a simple yet contentious issue?

I've often said that going barefoot symbolizes rebellious, sensual freedom. Isn't it a shame that so many people dread that freedom so deeply that they'll insist that society's laws must match their own fears?

What fools these mortals be...

Stay barefoot and free, my brothers and sisters. If such freedom is that dreadful, it must be worth keeping. :)

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death of beloved shoes [08 Aug 2006|01:05pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

This may sound a little subversive but I just wanted to mention a pair of shoes that I do love.. they are comfy red clog/sandal things which I have worn indoors as slippers pretty much continuously for the past 5-ish years (I don't like proper slippers, they never fit and make me fall over). They're starting to fall apart now :( I doubt I will ever be able to replace them in my heart *snif*

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Clarks. [02 Aug 2006|09:57pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Sale. Lots of shoes £20. Shoes I want only £10 off (£39.99). Not a chance.

Damnit, why do I have to wear Springers sandals to walk for any length of time?! I'll go back later in the sale, see if they've gone down any further...

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Check out the layout [02 Aug 2006|09:42am]

I would just like to say Thanks to rolleson for her wonderful layout. I wonder how on earth I missed it when she first posted about it!
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Shoes of doom update [21 Jul 2006|07:27am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Yesterday I went to geton a bus to get the shoes of doom. but got on the wrong bus and got lost....

By the time I got home I was to tired to venture out again!

Therefore I am going to try and return them Saturday morning. I figure there fine, they just need new stickers on the soles. And I am sure they have some spare!

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[20 Jul 2006|10:39pm]

I changed the layout and made an icon for the community.

I also made a cople of icons just because.

I hate shoes.

Any comments on the layout, tell me, any colour changes wanted, ask.
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